African-American Shakespeare offers a drama class with the Boys and Girls Club at the Don Fisher Clubhouse location.

Youths learn…

  • Improvisation games
  • Basic acting techniques
  • Shakespeare acting techniques
  • Advance scene study for 9–12 year olds

Acting Level 1 Group
Tuesdays from 4pm–5pm
Ages 8–10

Acting Level 2 Group
Thursdays from 4pm–5pm
Ages 11–14

Don Fisher Clubhouse
380 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Payment cost is only the registration fee for the Boys and Girls Club. Sign-up with the Boys and Girls Club at the Don Fisher Clubhouse location / (415) 221-6100. Only $25. You will receive access to homework assistance, swimming, cooking, music, and many more activities with your registration.

Adaptation of Into the Woods

We will create some new classical moments of our own in a 10 minute adaptation of Into the Woods where the participants get to write and share their own versions of a fairytale and how what seems real and wonderful is flipped into the realities of when you get what you wish for it might not be what you thought.
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Shake-It-Up provides life-long learning and creativity while simultaneously building and strengthening reading and comprehension skills.

The Shake-It-Up program teaches literacy skills to students using theater games and drama techniques. This program addresses the educational needs of students in fun and creative ways, helping students develop a positive relationship with complex reading materials.
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