The Tempest

Performance Dates
Saturday Oct 18th 8pm
Sunday Oct 19th 3pm
Saturday Oct 25th 8pm
Sunday Oct 26th 3pm
Saturday Nov 1st 8pm
Sunday Nov 2nd 3pm
Saturday Nov 8th 8pm
Sunday Nov 9th 3pm

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Buriel Clay Theatre
African-American Art & Culture Complex
762 Fulton Street, San Francisco
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October 18-November 9, 2014

The Tempest

Playwright William Shakespeare
Directed by Nancy Carlin

The year is 2020. SYCORAX, the mother of all multi-product industrial conglomerates, based in Milan, is under investigation. The charge: dumping millions of tons of garbage in the Pacific causing a floating island of debris the size of Colorado. Unhappy with the company’s lies and dumping practices, Prospero, a duke of Milan and former CEO of SYCORAX, threatens to testify before congress. He is quickly dismissed, his dukedom usurped, and banished to sea with his young daughter, Miranda. Miraculously surviving, they float up to the shores of this very debris field, the island of SYCORAX. He makes the island, with its single inhabitant, the deformed spawn Caliban, his home, and plots his revenge.

Assisting Prospero in his endeavors is an Application, “Ariel” he discovers from reclaimed parts scavenged from SYCORAX’s trash. Ariel becomes his personal assistant and knowledge navigator capable of holographic manifestations and manipulation of weather patterns. When Prospero’s enemies, “by Providence divine”, show up on his radar, he and Ariel treat them to a storm of biblical proportions. All of their lives are tempest-tossed and ultimately re-ordered. Mankind is seen at its worst, and monsters and machines show themselves to be human. Nothing is the same after man’s tsunami of greed, the very planet is scorched from unwary amassing of wealth and the resulting environmental destruction. If virtue can win out over vengeance and avarice the storm can be weathered.