YES Campaign

43.4% of $60,000

Status as of Monday, March 19, 2018.


Mail a check to our office at
Shakespeare Company

762 Fulton Street, Suite 306
San Francisco, CA 94102


Call our office at (415) 762-2071 ext. 6

Please leave a detailed message if we are unable to immediately answer your call.

We value each and every contribution, no matter how small or large. Donations are 100% tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting our cause.

Message from
Sherri Young

Last season was a year when some might have expected us to falter and be permanently injured. But with your help, we showed them! And I do mean “we” because we didn’t do this alone. We’ve had people like you by our side with your support.

We were successful last year by having a 52% audience increase, critical praise, having new partnerships and donors, and through our individual giving campaign goal to raise $50,000 we were able to raise $52,299. Whoo-hooo!!!!! “How do you like us now?!!!”

This year we are going back to our normal four production season and we find ourselves having to produce outside our venue for the 2017–18 Season with amazing productions: A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Cinderella; A Streetcar Named Desire; and Richard III. We want you to be there with us again…in the audience and with a donation to support our season. We know that you value what we bring to the community.

And we need you to stand with us once again. That is why it is important we ask you, someone who believes in what we do, and who knows what we can do to help bridge this gap. You’ve seen us grow and thrive and here is what you can do to help us continue to move forward:

  1. We want you to be an ongoing supporter giving a recurring donation for the year.
    A suggested average monthly donation amount would be $40/month. But there is no amount too little or too great—so give at a level and in a way that is comfortable for you.

Your contribution will assist in the expenses of being at the Herbst, Marines’ Memorial, and Taube Atrium for our 2017–18 Season.

I’m really looking forward to this year. I know with your help we can do this again!

Sherri Young
Founder and Executive Director
(aka Dreamer of Dreams and the Believer of Possibilities)

Donor Benefits

Foundation $10,001+
● All of the following benefits and much more!

Angel $2,501–$10,000
● All Producer benefits
● Dinner with Artistic Director L. Peter Callender

Producer $1,001–$2,500
● All Platinum benefits
● Invitation to Technical Rehearsal

Platinum $501–$1,000
● All Gold benefits
● Invitation to a Backstage Tour

Gold $251–$500
● All Silver benefits
● Invitation to First Rehearsal

Silver $101–$250
● All Patron of the Arts benefits
● Invitation to Pre-Event to Announce Season before the Media

Patron of the Arts $51–$100
● All Friends benefits
● Participation in Artistic Council Meeting
● Personal Thank You call for your support

Friends up to $50
● Subscription to From the Desk of… a personal quarterly email from L. Peter Callender and Sherri Young
● Invitation to Annual Season Launch Event
● Your name listed on production programs and website

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, donations given to us are 100% tax-deductible. After we process your donation in our system, we will mail you a Thank You letter with your donation details that you can use for tax purposes. Thank you for saying YES!

Donors Who Said YES!

  • Scott Cuyjet
  • Terry Lamb
  • Susan Harloe
  • Lynette Lockett
  • Carol Savary
  • Bernard Weiner
  • Tom Lederer
  • Sarah Lightfoot
  • Yolanda Willams
  • David Kirby
  • Jeffrey Raz
  • Justin Wong
  • Carol Lashof
  • Mary-Kay Gamel
  • Roy Bergstrom
  • Regina Morones
  • Jill Nierman
  • Rachel Kayhan
  • Ruth Mankin
  • Claus Zielke
  • Dianne Millner
  • Wayne Kitchen
  • Brenda Paulin
  • Latondra Goode
  • Betsy Clark
  • Edward Baskauskas
  • Jerome & Karen Adams
  • Johnnie Baker
  • Siri Louie
  • Natalie Durbin
  • Karen Spencer
  • Linda Walters
  • David Donahue
  • RHE Charitable Foundation
  • Charles Belov
  • Everett, Julia, and David Moore
  • Nancy Ragey / NKR Consulting
  • Queen Neal
  • Janet Barron
  • Emily Wade-Thompson
  • Mary Twegbe
  • Najee Bilal
  • Jerry & Ruth Vurek
  • Deborah Isabelle
  • Judith Cohen & Malcolm Gissen
  • Gloria Weinstock
  • Valerie Barth & Peter Wiley
  • Jay Yamada
  • Ayofemi Oseye
  • Ada & David Dorn
  • Judith McRae
  • Janine Young
  • Fred Pitts
  • Angela Archie
  • Dorian Nasby
  • Pradipta Mitra
  • Jasmine Yamasaki
  • Sally Price
  • Lynne Waite
  • Gwendolyn Booze
  • Matthew Jones
  • Gordon Baranco
  • Christina Perez
  • Mary Marin
  • Joela Mueller
  • Peter Logan
  • Carol Brosnan
  • Mark Shoenrock
  • Eleanor Hansen
  • Denise Battista
  • Sabine von Glinski
  • Dianne Sheridan
  • Kerry Ellis
  • Aubree Lennon
  • Victor Valle
  • Rose Ludwig
  • Charles Borg
  • Deene Goodlaw
  • Sylvena Dorner
  • Ralph & Debra Deadwyler
  • Mary Collins
  • Linda Brewer
  • Valata Jenkins-Monroe
  • Naomi Davis
  • Pamela Wagner
  • Professors Patricia Penn Hilden & Timothy J Reiss
  • Marjorie Shapiro
  • Kim Jacocks
  • Juilius Johnson, PhD
  • J D Smith
  • Ashley Graham
  • Jena Johnson
  • Jane Neilson
  • Cornelius & Lorraine Franckle
  • Roger Stoll
  • Gregory Markham
  • John R & Bahereh Manning
  • Theodore Alper
  • Cara O’Shell
  • Laura Bergmann
  • Gary Drummond
  • Andrea Taxman
  • Leila Shockley
  • Brenda Jemmott
  • Kimberly Dixon
  • Nneka Uzoh
  • Juan Pedro Gaffney R.
  • Benjamin Douglas
  • Harmony Fraga
  • Alison & Cornelius Jackson
  • Daniel & Liana Crosby
  • Robert Cook & Bianca Haendler
  • Robert Newells
  • Michael & Vivian Brown
  • Anita Grandpre
  • Leslie Lombre
  • William Jemmott
  • Beli Sullivan
  • Phillip McLeod
  • Gia White
  • Gina Eanes
  • Frankie & Maxwell Gillette
  • Gerry Goldsholle & Myra Levenson
  • Eileen Barry
  • Marilyn Hayward
  • Nancy & Richard Frank
  • Michael Ginther & Jim O’Donnell
  • Ellen Eagen
  • Dorothy & Arthur Lathan
  • Amal Johnson
  • Tori Jackson
  • Janet Sheard
  • Felicia Phillips
  • Jack Young
  • George J and Theresa L Cotsirilos Merced Foundation
  • Hitz Foundation
  • Alexander & Judith Glass
  • Wanda & Michael Dennis
  • Eleanor Jacobs
  • Sandra Reid
  • Roshida A. Dowe
  • Earl Shaddix
  • Joyce Muse
  • Diane M. Barnes
  • Andrea Baker
  • Semuteh Freeman
  • Joanne Whitney
  • Kimberly Bomar
  • Dorcas Wong
  • Phyliss Martinez