Partner schools receives first choice dates and seating at performance events. Partner schools incorporates one of the following workshop/classroom programming:

  • $75/hour for one classroom workshop
    One hour workshop provides a basic introduction to the program and the performance they will see on stage.
  • $600 for 10 one-hour workshop session to multiple classrooms
    10 one-hour session will divide the time to concentrate on key areas of vocabulary, creativity, role-identification, and a time to reflect on the social context and value of the subject matter. We recommend at least 2-3 sessions per a classroom at a minimum.
  • $250 90-minute workshop at theater venue
    Work with our renowned Artists for a workshop directly after the performance. This 90 minute workshop involves students taking direction from our teaching artists.

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Darius & Rea - Shake-It-Up
Darius & Rea - Shake-It-Up

Shake-It-Up provides life-long learning and creativity while simultaneously building and strengthening reading and comprehension skills.

The Shake-It-Up program teaches literacy skills to students using theater games and drama techniques. This program addresses the educational needs of students in fun and creative ways, helping students develop a positive relationship with complex reading materials.
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Engage San Francisco
University of San Francisco Engage San Francisco funds our Shake-It-Up Study Guides and Workshops.