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Bay Area Plays | April 10, 2017
5 out of 5 stars
African-American Shakes’ powerful ‘Jitney’ showcases the brilliance of Wilson’s words by David John Chávez

Bay Area Plays | March 30, 2017
African-American Shakespeare Company drives ‘Jitney’ onto the stage by David John Chávez

Theater & Such | April 4, 2017
Jitney’s Relevant Ride by Christine Okon

Theatrius | April 8, 2017
August Wilson Shows Why Black Traditions Matter by Irene Nelson

For All Events | April 25, 2017
Wilson’s JITNEY at AASC: A Riveting Emotional Journey by Linda Ayres-Frederick

Antony and Cleopatra

KQED | May 18, 2016
Actors’ Performances Reveal Fraught Politics of Black Bodies on Stage by John Wilkins

The Colored Museum

San Francisco Examiner | February 17, 2016
‘Colored Museum’ a sharp, spot-on satire by Jean Schiffman

SF Weekly | February 22, 2016
Optimism and Humor in the African-American Shakespeare Company’s The Colored Museum by Peter Lawrence Kane

48hills | February 26, 2016
Enter ‘The Colored Museum’ by Marke Bieschke

KQED | February 25, 2016
George C. Wolfe’s ‘The Colored Museum’ Still Resonates Strongly in ‘Black Lives Matter’ Era by Chloe Veltman


San Francisco Chronicle | February 15, 2015
“Xtigone” review: Hazy remix of Sophocles in world of gangs, guns by Robert Hurwitt

Oakulture | February 2015
“Xtigone” Reimagines Sophocles as Urban Ritual-Myth by Eric K. Arnold

The Tempest

San Francisco Chronicle | October 20, 2014
Theater review: A ‘Tempest’ for the digital age by Robert Hurwitt

San Francisco Examiner | October 23, 2014
Modern take on ‘Tempest’ at African-American Shakespeare Co. by Jean Schiffman

The Daily Californian | October 23, 2014
‘The Tempest’ opens to thunderous applause by Meg Elison

Much Ado About Nothing

For All Events | May 26, 2014
AASC’s Much Ado About Nothing is Something to Write Home About! by Linda Ayres-Frederick

Interchange | May 10, 2014
African American Shakes presents William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, directed by L. Peter Callender by Wanda Sabir


The New Fillmore | March 2014
The Classics with Color The African-American Shakespeare Company Has a Deeper Purpose by Gary Carr

San Francisco Chronicle | March 2014
Review, ‘Medea’: Powerful expression of sorceress’ torment by Robert Hurwitt

The Huffington Post | March 11, 2014
Scorching Medea in San Francisco: 2,400 Years Old, Timelessly Potent by Leo Stutzin | March 2014
Rating: Leontyne Mbele-Mbong in Medea by Jim Strope

Cinderella – 2013

San Francisco Examiner | December 11, 2013
Sassy, spirited ‘Cinderella’ by Cathy Bowman

The Merry Wives of Windsor

San Francisco Chronicle | May 2-5, 2013
‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’: Shakespeare comedy set in the 1950s brings a sitcom sensibility to adventures of 2 housewives and a con man by Chad Jones

Twelfth Night

San Francisco Chronicle | April 4, 2011
Jazzy ‘Night’ Goes Down Easy by Robert Hurwitt

San Francisco Examiner | April 7, 2011
‘Twelfth Night’ a Treat by Georgia Rowe

Artistic Director L. Peter Callender

Theatre Bay Area | October 2010
L. Peter Callender Takes Over at African-American Shakespeare Co.
Heightened Language: An Interview by L. Peter Callender by Jean Schiffman

The Mercury News | October 8, 2010
New Director Peter Callender Has Big Plans for African-American Shakespeare Company by Pat Craig

Cinderella – 2009

SF Theatre Blog, December 11, 2009
African-American Shakespeare Company’s Cinderella

San Francisco Examiner | December 8, 2009
A Holiday Cinderella Story by Georgia Rowe

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