The following is a list of items our organization desperately needs. If you are our Fairy Godmother/Father and have access to grant us these wishes we would be ever so grateful.

Please connect with us using our contact form.

If you don’t know how to be of assistance, then please feel free to doing it the “new-fashioned” way by making a monetary contribution small or large. Do not hesitate to give today. Your much-needed and greatly appreciated tax-deductible contribution will be recognized in our season program as well as on our donor page. Thank you!

AT&T – Bundle SB67138 Cordless Phone

AT&T - Bundle SB67138 Synj 4-line Extendable Range Corded Cordless PhoneOur phone system has been acting up and we need to be able to talk to our talent, patrons, volunteers, and outside organizations in order for our company to run. Our phone is the primary method for patrons to contact us so without a work telephone we might lose out on opportunities to make a connection.

We would like the AT&T – Bundle SB67138 Synj 4-line Extendable Range Corded Cordless Phone as it possess all the essential functions and features we require.

We would appreciate it very much if anyone could grant us this wish as soon as possible!

Film Production Crew

Film CrewThe quality of our filming and taping of the shows is paramount to the organization being able to show clips and tapes of our work in the best manner. Videotaping/filming production values have been low to say the least. Shots are too far away, an unsteady camera that is giggling, sound quality is poor and echo-y instead of crisp and clear made for the camera. We feel as if we have to place a disclaimer when we submit clips to be reviewed for funding panels. If you know of a “real” film production crew that has the ability at the very least to provide pro-bono to tape the entire production (or even just a few key scenes) we would appreciate it very much.

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