Youth Programs: I would like to receive information for youth programs.
Patron: I would like to receive information on upcoming productions.
Talent: I am an actor/designer and would like to receive notices on upcoming auditions/interviews.
Volunteer: I would love to donate my time to help the African-American Shakespeare Company by volunteering; serving on a committee; or applying to be a board member.
Donations: I believe in supporting cultural institutions and would like to make a financial donation, please send me more information.
: Please do not include me on any of your email listings.

Shakespeare Company

762 Fulton Street, Suite 306
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 762-2071
Map & Directions
Sherri Young
Executive Director
(415) 762-2071 ext. 8

L. Peter Callender
Artistic Director
(415) 762-2071 ext. 7

Jason Conti
(415) 762-2071 ext. 6