Dorothy and Arthur Lathan
Jerry & Ruth Vurek
San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco Arts Commission
Grants for the Arts/ SF Hotel Tax Fund
California Arts Council
National Endowment for the Arts
Shakespeare in American Communities
Sam Mazza Foundation


John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Rev. Elsa A. Callender
Dennis & Melinda Yee Franklin
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
University of San Francisco Engage
Richard P. Hellers
Bill Haney Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Engle

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Willie & Angela Archie
The Schnur Consulting Group
Stanley & Miriam Schiffman


Willie & Angela Archie
Jerome & Karen Adams
John Ruskin
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Glass
Elisabeth O’Malley
Jay Ward
Jay Yamada
Ricado de Barros
Sarah, Susan, & Walter Miller Moos
Valerie Barth & Peter Wiley
Wayne Kitchen
Andrea Baker
RHE Charitable Foundation


Dr. Matais Pouncil Ed.D.
Bruce & Debby Lieberman
Lori A. Risby
Monica Cappuccini
Maxine Hickman
John Ruskin


Jill Matichak
Joyce E. Muse
Carol Marie Daniels
Gloria Weinstock
Everette & Julia Moore
Eleanor Jacobs
David & Ada Dorn
Diana C. Fong, D.D.S. &
Stephen M. Lee, D.D.S.
Harold & Kyra Hubis
John Kemp & Mary Brutocao
Karin Grace
Kay Sprinkel Grace
Harold & Kyra Hubis
Marilyn Hayward
Nancy Ragey/NKR Consulting
Stanaland & Associates
Timothy Stewart
Karen Adams
Jena Scott-Johnson
Robert Newells
Queen Neal
Russell Stanaland
Denza Young
Michaele de Cygne

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Gloria Gideon
Queen Neal
Ms. Tommie Mayfield
Janeith Glenn-Davis
Claus Zielke
Danielle Augustin
Fredia Underwood
Janine Young
Judith Cohen and
Malcolm Gissen
Julie Bohannon
Kenneth Thames
Kimberly Bomar & O. A. Olukotun
Loretta Willams
Richard & Mara Wallace
Michael Addison
Michael Ginther
Richard Jonasse & Pamela Sogge
John & Pamela Walker
Randall Dick
Sheila Collins & Mark Schulman
Shirley Cheney
Ronald K. Edwards
Joyce Muse
Norman Brookstein
Robert Burkes
Ann Ditlefsen
Ron Edwards
Amal Johnson
Everett & Julia Moore
Joyce Muse
A Oseye
David Phillips
Nancy Ragey
Virginia Roberts
Margaret Traylor
Fredia Underwood
Janine Young
NKR Consulting
Teresa Halliday
Lucille Green


Maria Flores
Brianna Green
Natalie & Christopher Lucas
Ninah Qahharah
James Haskell Mayo, II &
Anita D. Stearns Mayo
Charlotte Green
Eleanor S. Hansen
Lisa Tromovitch
Mary Berner
Nancy & Peter Rabinowitz
Nathan Wisman
Renee Richard-Smith
George Maguire
Robert Hunter
Diane Barnes
Jane Gray Nelson
Janetta Morgan
Jasmine Yamasaki
Keith Hunter
Marcus Shelby
Mary Ann Warren
Olabisi A. Akinola
Pamela Pensiton
Paul Walsh
Rosalyn Autry
Sharine Dinwiddie
Susannah Raub
Victoria Maxson
June and James Hill
Kirsten Dahl
Stacy Cumberbatch
Tommie Mayfield
Nakissa Etemad
George Maguire
Gloria Hernandez-Fisher
Anner Coleman
Clint Sides
Denza Young
Frances Phillips
Jennie Brick
Keith Hunter
Madeline Puccioni
Pamela Sogge
Richard Cluster
Rosalyn Autry
Scott Cuyjet
Theron Jones & Davena Hambrick
David Phillips
Tommie Mayfield
Janetta Morgan

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